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Technical Specs for CL-820 and CL-920 Motorized Curtain Track Systems

Works with following brands of Home Automation systems:
Crestron    Z-Wave    Ekinex    Control4    Fortezz   

Insteon    Amazon Echo    Amazon Alexa    Apple HomeKit    Samsung Smart Things   

Wink    Google Home    Home Controls    Logitech Harmony    ZigBee Alliance   

Major differences between the two systems:
  CL-820 CL-920
  Mechanism: Metal Wire Driven Rubber Belt Driven
  Noise Level: 65 db 33 db
  Remote: IR (Infra Red) RF (Radio Frequency)
  Wall Switch: Required, must be exposed for proper operation            Optional, not necessary for normal track operation
  Power Source: Power Adapter Either Power Adapter or Hard Wired to an electrical circuit       
  Track Width: 1 inch 1 1/4 inch
  Hand Pull: No Yes
  Protective Clutch:             Optional Yes
  Motor Size: 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" 12 1/2" x 2" x 3" (CL-920A)
14 1/2" x 2" x 3" (CL-920C3, C4, C6, WiFi)

Motor Specifications:

CL-920A (Power Adapter)

CL-920C3 (3-wire Hard Wired)

CL-920C3-WiFi (3-wire Hard Wired with built-in WiFi interface)

CL-920C4 (4-wire Hard Wired)

CL-920C6 (6-wire Hard Wired)
Track Specifications:

• CL-920 Track for Pinch Pleated Curtain

• CL-920 Track for Ripple Fold Curtain
Curtain Stacking Space Calculation:

• Instructions on curtain stacking Space Calculation
Mounting Brackets Specifications:

Ceiling Mounting Brackets

Wall Mounting Brackets

Dual-Track Wall Mounting Brackets

Home Automation Connections (High Voltage):

Crestron with CL-920C4 Motor
Crestron with CL-920C6 Motor

Insteon with CL-920C4 Motor
Insteon with CL-920C6 Motor

Aeotec DSC14104-ZWUS with CL-920C4 Motor
Aeotec ABMHZ 230 with CL-920C4 Motor

EK-FE1-TP with CL-920C6 Motor
Home Automation Connections (Low Voltage):

Insteon with CL-920A or CL-920C3 Motor

Control 4 with CL-920A or CL-920C3 Motor

Fortrezz MIMO lite (Z-Wave) with CL-920A or CL-920C3 Motor
Remote Controls:

1-Channel Remote Control Programming Instructions

3-Channel Remote Control Programming Instructions

7-Channel Remote Control Programming Instructions

16-Channel LED Remote Control Programming Instructions
Wireless Wall Controls (R35-1 and R35-2):

• Wireless Wall Controls Specifications
Mobile Device (iPhone / iPad) Integration:

• iPhone / iPad Control Integration Instructions for CL-920C3-WiFi Motor
For additional information, please send an email with your questions to: our sales department.