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CL-920 Z-Wave Home Automation Connection Instructions

Controller can be purchased separately from the following retailers:
Electronic Solutions

It is LIVE1 and LIVE2 connectors in controllers, then one LIVE wire input to the controller, the motor LIVE1 and LIVE2 wires are connected to the LIVE1 and LIVE2 accordingly to the controllers.

You can see wiring of the total system with mentioned Roller Shutter Controller TZ08. The L(ive) wire is connected to the Roller Shutter controller and then Relay 1A type, and connector NC1 and NO1 to the motor.

It is Live wires connector NC1 and NO1 equal to LIVE1 and LIVE2, therefore CL-920C4 is the correct model of ElectriCurtain Motorized Curtain Track System to be used.

Usually in the Roller Shutter motor, there is no alternative option available to control the curtain motor. Therefore AC LIVE wire must be used.

ElectriCurtain: CL-920C4 Motor

L1 = NO1
L2 = NC1
N = Neutral (it is already labeled where N should be connected)
Ground = Can be connected optionally (non-functional)


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