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CL-920C3 and CL-920C4 Unpacking, Assembling and Installation Instructions

Part 1: Peel off the protection clear film on both sides of the Track

Part 2: Unfold and assemble the Track as follows:

• Watch video: Unpacking New CL-920 Track

• Pay attention to the Green Belt inside the Track, make sure it is inside the channel of the track and does not slip out of the channel during the course of assembling.

• Pay attention to the “joint” when securing the Track Connector to avoid uneven edge/joint. (if the “joint” is found uneven, email us a picture for solution: support team)

• Pay attention to the Drive Unit and the Idler and that they are inserted into the Track with minimal force. (Drive Belt may get stuck by pushing it into the Track with too much force. In this case, the Carrier will not travel the whole track. If this happens, carefully pull the Drive Unit and Idler out of the Track and insert them back to the Track again with minimal force).

• Note: Test the Carrier before proceeding to next step. Hand move the Master Carrier back and forth the wholetrack a few times to make sure the Master Carrier is travelling smoothly along the track. (If not, reverse the steps and start over again step by step carefully. Contact us for help if needed)

Part 3: Mounting Brackets:

• Note: Do NOT Mount the Track or insert Motor to the Track until the Track is fully tested by hand.

• After the Track is fully tested and working properly by hand, see following link: Instructions

• Note: 

1.) While moving and holding the Track for mounting, at least 2 people are suggested to help you in order to avoid deforming the Track.

2.) When the Track is over 8',there is a "joint" on the Track. Hands should be holding the "joint" right and left to avoid deforming.

Part 4: Power Connection:

Connection diagrams

Part 5: Programming the Motor:

• Watch video: Inserting CL-920 Motor

• 1-Channel Remote Control: Programming Instructions

• Multi-Channel Remote Control: Programming Instructions

• Unpacking, assembling and installation instructions for your newly purchased CL-920 Motorized Curtain Track System